Anuv Jain

Anuv Jain is best described as “a singer-songwriter for every human experience”. The 28-year-old from Punjab, India went from being an online sensation to becoming one of the biggest indie music stars in the country.
Anuv had his breakout moment when he released the studio version of ‘Baarishein’, which has allowed him to enjoy a cult following who have popularised his songs on every acoustic playlist. His discography bridges the space between honest lyrics and evocative melodies, which is why his Spotify boasts over 4 million monthly listeners with hit songs like Gul, Alag Aasmaan, and Mishri among fan favorites.
His first All-India tour in October 2021 sold out across all 10 cities — a significant feat for a young independent artist during the pandemic. 
In 2022, he drew an awe-inspiring crowd of approximately 20,000 people to the Delhi Beat Street Festival, a crowd that sang back all of his songs lyrics. Anuv was also one of the select few artists to feature on the lineup leading to international singer Post Malone’s performance in India.

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