Jai Dhir

Jai is a 22-year-old Punjabi-pop artist who is considered to be one of the rising Punjabi artists in India. He started his musical journey when he was only 19 and since then has grown massively as an artist - from his viral Punjabi rendition of the song 'Kesariya' that got appreciated by the Brahmastra team along with receiving support from Sony Music India, to working on releasing Instagram’s ‘1 Minute Music’ track ‘Mirza’ along with Lost Stories; Jai Dhir is gradually increasing his army of monthly listeners which has seen a 10-fold jump in a short span of only 3 months.

Exploring almost all facets in music has helped him gain the uniqueness that he brings about in every song. Learning everything on his own during the lockdown from production to songwriting, he has been able to use all his skills and ‘create magic’ as his fans describe his music. Coming from a Punjabi background, Jai started out with Bollywood music and soon absorbed the language and gave it his own twist by merging Punjabi, R&B and Pop zones. His latest releases - ‘Akhiyaan’, ‘Snap’, ‘Yadaan Teriyaan’, ‘Cute’ perfectly throw light on the amalgamation of his knowledge, talent and interest areas.

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