Nina Shah

Starting off as a young, curious artist in 2011, Nina Shah (formally known as Elektrovertz) has become one of India's leading female DJs. As a kid, she always enjoyed the art of music and dance. A few of the genres that influenced her apart from house were old-school rock and roll, hip-hop, and progressive trance. Out of curiosity, Nina decided to learn DJing, which very quickly snowballed into a career. Her sound is a vibey fusion of vocal house and tribal tech beats, which gets every dance floor grooving! Nina has played at the most elite private parties & clubs around the world for Hollywood & Bollywood A-listers! She has opened for big DJs like David Guetta, Afrojack, Ben Bomer, and Adriatique to name a few. On her run to the top, she got featured on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine & has been endorsed by: Vogue, GQ. Dior, Ferragamo, Range Rover, BMW, to name a few. In 2016, she released the chart-topping single 'Never Let You Go' through the world's top Record label, SPINNIN Records. The track garnered over 20 MILLION impressions worldwide.

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