Saahel is a 20-year-old incredibly talented singer-songwriter who has garnered a lot of love and appreciation from around and about for his music. He has trained in Hindustani Classical Music since a tender age and is still pursuing the art. He made his mark in the musical industry with his covers, mashups, and Hindi Versions on Instagram. His viral reels include the Hindi Version of Heartbreak Anniversary, Love Nwantiti, Stay, amongst many others along with his Lo-fi rendition of Raanjhana and insanely viral mashups like Saiyyan X Glimpse of Us and Kundi Laga Lo X Wat Wat.
Lately, Saahel has started touring around the country and has performed at massive venues and catered to a large audience as well. From June 2023, Saahel is also kickstarting his very own debut India Tour.
Last year, Saahel started releasing original music and has currently put out three songs. His total streams on Spotify have surpassed 1.5 Million and he plans to release more original music soon. He has recently won the Radio City award for best young indie artist of the year 2022 for his song Zariya.

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