Savera is a singer, songwriter, and composer who has created an unmissable mark in the Indian Music industry; his Bollywood OST debut for "NH10" put him on the map, and "Gehraiyaan" (with co-producer OAFF) catapulted him into superstardom with a colossal 250 million+ streams on the audio album, and 200 million+ views across YouTube.

Savera has been surrounded by music all his life. Growing up, his grandmother's poetry greatly influenced him and by the age of 8, he picked up the guitar, followed by forming a punk-rock band with his closest friends at 13.

Before creating back-to-back hits, Savera played at live gigs in Mumbai and delivered more than 1,000 timeless jingles for brands such as H&M, Nissan, and Taj, all while creating independent music deep-rooted in his quest to create genre-defying music that's a true representation of his artistry. Savera's art form is reflective of his flair to emote feelings in the most inarticulate situations.

In 2023, Savera is set to release multiple independent singles along with OST projects and hone his craft off the grid surfing in Goan waters, cooking up food as diverse as his music, and playing chess.

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