Yashraj is a 22-year-old rapper, writer, and poet from Mumbai. As one of the fastest-rising rappers in the game with multiple sold-out shows in just 2 years of his career, he has mastered and proved his skills with his impeccable flow and poetic writing. His real, hard-hitting, and fact-stating lyrics, combined with his commitment towards his craft, have enabled him to constantly push the boundaries of the genre - via vocal tonality and novel productions.
These have been key characteristics of his tracks right from his first EP Azaad Hu Mein, which was followed by a host of qualitative singles namely - Do Khidkiyaan, Kanipatu, Khel, Hausla, Galat / Sahi, DLL, been too long, part of me, complicated, Besabar, Raakh, Dhundala - some released independently and others in collaboration with like-minded artists from the industry including Zaeden, Lost Stories and Nikita Gandhi among others. His song Dhundala, released earlier this year, tops Spotify Charts as the most viral song in Pakistan. His debut EP ‘Azaad Hu Mein’ was also prominently placed on major hip-hop playlists and supported by industry heavyweights like Bobby Friction on BBC Radio 1.
Yashraj describes himself as a kid who’s more of himself on stage - creating and growing, as opposed to off-stage, as he spent most of his younger years performing and learning. Yashraj hones his art by elevating tracks in a manner that is symbolic of his own personality - honest, raw, earnest and true.
His willingness to not settle for or stick to one sound is evident from his distinctive flips and collaborations. Always stepping up with his game, Yashraj has performed at various events including Mood Indigo, VH1 Supersonic, Red Bull Tour Bus, among others, that showcased his meticulous writing and knack for delivery.

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